Fattoruso Trío – Global Warming

Banda : Trío Fattoruso, Francisco Fattoruso, Osvaldo Fattoruso, Hugo Fattoruso
Título : Global Warming
Fecha de lanzamiento : 2021
Label : grabacion, mastering, mezcla
Catálogo : Estudio Del Cordón
Formato : Digital Download


The music of the Fattoruso Trio has been described by La Nación, Argentina as “A Volcano of Creativity” and by All About Jazz as “A Torrential Downpour of Fresh Sounds.” Under the musical direction of Hugo Fattoruso, November 2019 Hugo was awarded a Lifetime Achievement Award for a life of musical excellence by The Latin Grammys.

The history of the trio, Fattoruso, dates back to the 50s when Hugo (piano, accordion) and his brother Osvaldo (drums), youngsters at the time, joined forces with their father Antonio (bass), giving birth to this formation.

Mid-60s, the Fattoruso brothers went on to form the legendary pop/rock group Los Shakers. A huge success throughout Latin America, to this day they are often compared to The Beatles. There was no stopping Hugo & Osvaldo, the 70s brought us Opa, another legendary project where this time the brothers took us down the path of jazz fusion (electric & improvisational), infused with elaborate latin rhythms, most notably the Afro-Uruguayan rhythm of candombe. Opa were an underground success, adored by the latin jazz community.

Hugo went on to experience Brazil, or maybe a better description of his time spent there, Brazil experienced Hugo Fattoruso. He has worked with a who’s who of top Brazilian artists, a list that includes Chico Buarque de Holanda, Hermeto Pascoal, Djavan, María de Fátima, Nana Vasconcelos, Geraldo Azevedo, João Bosco and Toninho Horta. Hugo recorded extensively with Milton Nascimento, on the records ‘Milton’, ‘Journey To Dawn’, ‘Planeta Blue Na Estrada Do Sol’, ‘Angelus’, and ‘Nascimento’ (awarded the 1998 World Music Grammy). In addition to Hugo’s contribution on piano and accordion, various tracks on the release ‘Nascimento’ were co-arranged by Milton and Hugo.

Upon his return to Uruguay, Hugo embarked on an active solo career, and projects including Los Pusilanimes, Rey Tambor, Grupo del Cuareim, Quinteto Barrio Sur, Dos Orientales with Tomohiro Yahiro, and HA Duo with Albana Barrocas. In addition, many collaborators including Eduardo Mateo, Jaime Roos, Fernando “Lobo” Núñez, Leo Masliah, Urbano Moraes, Pitufo Lombardo, Jorge Galemire, Argentina’s Fito Páez, Luis Salinas, and many others.

Significantly, the millennium began with Fattoruso Trio breaking new ground. Five decades had passed since the seeds were originally planted. With Osvaldo on drums, Hugo’s son Francisco on electric bass, an evolving family affair.


Under the musical direction of Hugo Fattoruso

Produced by Neil Weiss
Recorded by Mariano Lopez tracks 1-11
Circo Beat Studio, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Recorded by Luis Restuccia tracks 12, 13, 14
Estudio Del Cordon, Montevideo, Uruguay
Mixed & Mastered by Luis Restuccia
Estudio Del Cordon, Montevideo, Uruguay
Mastering consultant Oscar Pessano
Cover Photo/Art by Mario Marotta
Graphic design by Neil Weiss & Jack Frisch

Very special thanks to Fito Páez & Alejandro Avalis

Track 1, 3, 5, 6, 10, 13, 14 composed by Hugo Fattoruso
Track 2 composed by Carlos Quintana
Track 4 composed by Chico Buarque de Holanda
Track 7, 11 composed by Francisco Fattoruso
Track 8 composed by Milton Nascimento & Ronaldo Bastos
Track 9 composed by Ana France & Hugo Fattoruso
Track 12 composed by Hermeto Pascoal

Hugo Fattoruso voice track 4, keyboard, voice track 9, accordion tracks 11, 12, 13, 14

All titles registered with AGADU (Asociación General de Autores del Uruguay) except tracks 4, 8, 12